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For Sale

For Sale

Currently, we have many foals from 2024 available and two yearlings from 2023, all listed below. Unfortunately, we rarely have older horses for sale, but a 4-year-old training horse from a fellow breeder is available!

Category A:  5000 – 6500 euros

Category B:  6500 – 7500 euros

Category C:  7500 – 10,000 euros

Category D:  10,000 – 15,000 euros

A girl, silver… huge!

This one…
A girl, silver… huge! A Rocky Mountain Horse princesse! I love her in every way ❤ “Split Second” x “Snippy” PM me for more info!

Silver yearling.

This little fellow is getting more beautiful every day! He sure wants a human to love him ! More info with pm… ❤

This foal is a little piece of art…

Little fillie of “Spanish Sunday Mountain Trooper” and “MVM Quarterback”. Just one day old here… incredibly cute, her face😍. Her brothers and sister are great Rockies… typical, chocolats with nice blond mane and tail, like mom… sweet temperament, calm, well gaited… just one of ours… ❤

This very big colt is the best…

Hard to make photo’s of this one… must try again. He wants to be in my face 😅 This very big colt is the best… silver, great character, well gaited and beautiful… Will be 1.55 mtr or bigger…
By “MVM Q-rious” and “MVM Quarterback”

Well gaited silver colt…

This cute colt… just a week old here… typical Rocky, silver, friendly, well gaited, will be gorgeous chocolate and blond mane and tail… all a Rocky must be! By “Mc Guire’s Kat” and “MVM Quarterback”!