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Ross 4 yo Thoroughbred gelding

“Ross is our 4-year-old Thoroughbred gelding. He stands at approximately 1.65 meters, well-built, muscular, and has a stunning chestnut color. He’s a very gentle and calm horse who is currently being trained for riding. We acquired him along with his two friends, who will keep our stallion Snow company this winter. Ross was part of a package deal. He turned out to have a very pleasant character, but unfortunately, we can’t keep them all, so we’re preparing him to find a new owner who will appreciate him. This healthy, sweet, and brave horse is a great choice for someone looking for a larger horse with an excellent start. Like our Rockies, he comes from a breeder who raises their horses just as socially and freely as we do. An uncomplicated Thoroughbred without traumas and difficulties!”

Rocky Mountain Horses