Beautiful Rocky Mountain Horses for sale.

The babyboom 2017 is almost finished and we have some real good babies from top of the notch parents for sale again! Look at our Facebookpage for the latest news. If you are interested in one of our foals, let me know! Colts are 5000 euro, fillies are 6000 euro. A year older, prices increases.

” Sir Timber Mountain Trooper”

out of “Snow Man Mountain Trooper” and “Precious Pearl”. He has a full brother “Sir Diégo Mountain Trooper” who is absolutely gorgeous and well built, great gait and temperament. A true top of the notch Rocky Mountain Horse. Great bloodlines! Timber is just the same! He will be around 1.50 mtr. heavy built, darker chocolate with long manes and thick tail. Timber costs 5000 euro.

” Sweet Chilli Mountain Trooper”

out of “Snow Man Mountain Trooper” and “Ciara’s Raven Lain”, light chocolate with very blond mane and tail, will be big. Like both parents super gaited, very calm and super sweet.

” Spring Special Mountain Trooper”

Very nice chocolate girl of “Spring Daisy Mountain Trooper” and Spirit Mountain Trooper, super gaiter, gorgeous head, well built and all the good Rocky traits in her. Will be around 1.50 mtr. and chocolate with blond manes and tail.

SOLD 3 year old colt “Sea Breeze Mountain Trooper”.

3 year old colt, from our own breeding, “Sweet Mocha Mountain Trooper” and “Heart of Motion” 2014 foal. Top of the notch, was chosen as a future breeding stallion but we can not keep them all for breeding, so he can be a perfect gelding to ride and be best friends with. A very friendly and beautiful horse. A perfect Rocky Mountain Horse! Now in Denmark, but soon back at our place.

New photo’s coming soon! Info possible per mail, phone or Facebook chat.

All horses we offer for sale are high quality and guaranteed typical Mountain Horse!

  • your foal can live with us for free of boarding the first year of it’s life.
  • He or she can drink with it’s mother for a long time, 9 months or longer for sure…
  • Play, run and grow up strong and healthy in our variated nature fields.
  • He or she get’s a good socialisation and a respectfull upringing by professionals, with lot’s of love.
  • He or she learns to respekt and like children and dogs.
  • your foal comes from carefully selected parents who are the best within the Rocky Mountain Horse breed.
  • So… the best Rocky Mountain Horse qualties like gait, friendliness, beauty… included.
  • We do NOT sell homozygote chocolate Rockies, so no chance of any related eye defaults.
  • you buy a healthy, strong and respectfull foal from a breeder that is proud to be able to give quarantee on quality!

Our Rockies are all extremely healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations and worming. They are barefoot and naturally trimmed so have very strong hooves. Weaning can be at 6 months old (when mother and foal are ready) but I prefer longer, so we offer free boarding till one year old. If the new owners wishes, their foal could grow up here and get a natural upbringing in a mixed herd in a natural environment. All horses are treated respectfully and are trained according to their age. They live in big natural fields, are sober and natural . But they are also used to being in a stable and handled frequently. Respect, trust and friendship are our key words! The new owner is always welome to get professional advice from me as a animal Ingenieur and licensed Animal Behaviourist. Three years ago we decided to dedicate our lives to these Rocky Mountain Horses and live off breeding and selling them to just as loving new owners. The quality of our horses is therefore very important. They are well built and healthy, with great gait, nice temperament, good looks… We want both horse and owner to be satisfied! And OK, we live far away… to give our horses all the space and nature we could find. But we can help with tranpsort to their new home, no problem! And Thuringia is a lovely area to visit one day… Call or e-mail me for further information!