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Rocky Mountain Horses with excellent gait and personalities!


We breed and sell horses with great temperament, gait and bloodlines that are proven to be the best trail horses available, each with natural stamina, good conformation and beauty The Rocky Mountain Horse is a confident horse breed that is very trustworthy even as a young horse.

A ‘Rocky’ will take you safely through traffic and other difficult situations, so trail riding, vacations with your horse, hacking out for an hour or a variety of disciplines are all possible!


Being a gaited breed,


Rockies are very suitable for riders with back problems and other physical disabilities because of their tölt, or if you just want to have a comfortable ride! You can take a Rocky out of the pasture after a long time of not being ridden and ride without any problems. They are very people-orientated and always happy to see you and to go out with you.

We ride all our horses without a bit, even through traffic and at endurance events.

But you must be able to tolerate people staring at you because the Rocky Mountain Horse is one of the most beautiful breeds there are…Visit our for sale page if you want to own a wonderful horse like this. This website is full with information and pictures of these wonderfull horses.

Enjoy my website!

Toril Strooper

Animal Ingenieur, animal behaviourist & official examiner of the Rocky Mountain Horse.

For sale

San Diégo Mountain Trooper, our last foal born 2015, son of Snow Man Mountain Trooper and Precious Pearl. Very well built, energetic super gaited beauty! Click on the video on the left to see his personal sales film.


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