Snow Man Mountain Trooper (08-March-2010)

Snow is the son of Mc Guire’s Lindsey and Mc Guire’s Levi. Lin is the full sister of Kentucky Blue. Snow is a compact built and strong chocolate stallion. He has a lot of confidence is calm and friendly with a great natural gait. His first babies are big in height and big boned, super gaited!  Snow is geneticly tested on PSSM1 and n/n, free. More photo´s: click here

Spanish Sunrise Mountain Trooper (SOLD)

Son of stallion Risky Business is very attractive Rocky Mountain Horse with an excellent gait. A dream horse to look at with his dark chocolate body and long white mane and tail. He is a well built, 15.1H very friendly and social stallion. His dam is Spanish Sunset Kiss, daughter of Spanish Sundown and one of the friendliest and easiest Rockies I have ever owned. Sunrise has been gene tested and is PSSM1 n/n, so free. He is also colour tested and has no red gene and no agouti gene (AA). He will therefore never throw a sorrel foal. He has a “silver dapple” gene so will throw 50% chocolate. For more pictures: click hier

Spirit Mountain Trooper (11-june-2013)

Son of stallion VBF’s Heart of Motion and Precious Pearl. He has been gene tested PSSM1 n/n, so free. He is also colour tested and has no red gene and no agouti gene (AA). He will therefore never throw a sorrel foal. Spirit is very social and a very sweet Rocky Mountain Horse. For more pictures: click hier


Mc Guire’s Lindsey (25-March-1999)

Lin is a full sister to Kentucky Blue and therefore a true foundation mare in my breeding group. She is also a stabilising influence for my younger horses, because this is a bomb-proof mare! Lin is a bigger and heavy built mare with a very good conformation. She has a steady four beat gait which is easy to ride. More photo´s: click here

Precious Pearl (10-Mai-2000)

When I had the choice to buy Pearl it was easy to make. I took this oppurtunity with both hands! She is a very strong big boned mare with an excellent gait. Pearl is an alpha mare, very self assured and does not spook. She is the horse I will let my kids learn to ride on, trustworthy and friendly. She gives excellent babies, one of them we kept as a future breeding stallion, Spirit Mountain Trooper! More photo´s: click here

Mocha’s Lady Smith (04-April-2002)

This mare is known as Friendly, which suits her perfectly! Born out of Remington Black X Nuncio’s Mocha Belieze this mare is a special Rocky: a beautiful filly with exceptional bloodlines. More beautiful and sweeter you will not find… perfet and fast gait included. Two of her daughters are now also breeding mares! More photo´s: click here

Mc Guire’s Kentucky Made (17-March-2003)

This mare came on our path and we were happy because she is a truelly excellent gaited Rocky with a sweet and gentle disposition. Kentucky is a sensitive, friendly en people orientated mare that prefers being a mother in the herd. More photo´s: click here

Mc Guire’s Kat (30-June-2006)

Kat comes from the Mc Guire farm of David and Phyllis Mc Guire who have a wonderful Rocky Mountain Horse breeding facility and are prominent in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association with a mission to keep the highest standards for the breed. I was able to buy some breeding mares at their place. Kat was certified in just 3 weeks, what a steady gait! She had some wonderful foals already! More photo´s: click here

Ciara’s Raven Lain (08-April-2005)

Raven is a big and beautiful black mare with a steady gait, who wants to go. She was leased for a while from my good friend Nienke and than became my horse. She has the bloodlines I need in my breeding…

Sweet Mocha Mountain Trooper (05-Mai-2009)

After years of breeding only colts my stallion RVF’s Risky Business and my favorite mare Mocha’s Lady Smith (Friendly) finally gave me another filly! A true dream horse with her white eye lashes and gorgeous head. She is very naturally gaited, certified in just a few weeks training, nice round built. Mocha is a very people oriented, friendly and trustworthy Rocky. She gives the best foals and is a pleasure to have in my herd. Friendly to all! More photo´s: Click here

Spring Daisy Mountain Trooper (06-Mai-2010)

Daisy is a daughter of Risky Business and McGuire’s Kat. The combination Mc Guire and Risky gave very sweet, easy going, naturally gaited babies every time. Daisy is not so heavy built, 15.0H high, with excellent movement. We will certifie her in 2015 and will hopefully have her first Rocky baby in 2016! More photo’s: Click here

She is a Super Mountain Trooper (12-Mai-2010)

I really looked forward to this foal. My wish came true and another fillie of Rick and Friendly was born. The colour was a nice surpise. After their first super blond daughter Mocha a solid black girl this time! The video is of Sue and my daughter Kim which shows how absolutely gentle this mare is! A big lady with an excellent gait. More photo´s: Click here






Spring Flower Mountain Trooper

Daughter of McGuire’s Kentucky Made and Silver Sunrise Mountain Trooper, a little dream fillie we will keep. Since the kids just want to keep this one!

Proud of my Rocky Mountain herd….