My name is Toril Strooper, and I was born in 1974 in Oss, in the south of the Netherlands. I studied animal science at the Van Hall institute in Leeuwarden and am an Ingenieur in the animal science. During my studies I worked as a veterinary assistant. After graduating I had a part-time job sheep-herding, which I enjoyed very much for a few years. After this I got a job at MBO Helicon Nijmegen animal care, and for ten years I was a teacher of ethology, dog behaviour and animal training.

In 2009 I moved to beautiful Thüringia, in the unspoilt East of Germany, with my family: my son Tomas and all our animals. There we found more space, a natural environment, new possibilities with my animals and a safe place for a child, dogs, cats and horses…. at last I made a long-cherished dream come true! In 2011 my daughter Kim was born!

Our 18th century farmhouse is the heart of the property. The horses live around our house and in big nature fields: they are a high-quality breeding group of Rocky Mountain horses. The investment was big, but I am very proud of my carefully selected mares and stallions. With each sale I can give guaranteed quality in temperament, health, build and gait. The dogs and cats live around and in our house. First of all they are friends and a part of our family, but they are also the base of a breeding programme. I sell young animals that have been imprinted from birth and which are well socialised and ready to join you as companions for life. This website has been made to promote my horse-breeding programme, and to provide you with further information about these wonderful animals and our way of life.

Since 2012 I am an official examiner of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association.


Have fun and maybe we will see each other some day!

Toril Strooper.

Toril Strooper

Friendmannsdorf  6

07580,  Friedmannsdorf-Seelingstädt


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Toril's Rocky Mountain Horses