I am a little behind with blogging! Since we had a fantastic time with my brother and his family, having an early Christmas. Or celebrated the longest dark day and getting more light again! Oma and the kids made the house more than beautiful with the Christmas tree and all the decoration!! Magical! We went to Gera to enjoy the Arcade with its truelly beautiful decorations (worth seeing one day!) and shaking Santa’s hand. We did our presents and had wonderfull dinners made by mom! We walked and swam and played and watched movies. The only down side of having family over is that they leave again…

And… left us with the dutch flu, so a few days later Kim and me had the flu and could not enjoy the true Christmas days being really sick. My mom made us beautiful dinners anyway so Tomas and my dad carried on with the Christmas spirit. And we had snow on top of it all, so …….. nice!!!

This card is made by Ina, new owner of Silver Star Mountain Trooper… I love it!