Our very first Rocky Mountain Horse foal Silver Sam Mountain Trooper was a winter foal too. Many many years ago my friend Louise and me went to America to find me a Rocky Mountain Horse, since I fell in love with a cross RMH and had an very strong urge to own a full Rocky wich I could breed with. We found two wonderfull mares, Miss Daisy Mae (an older mare) and Nicky’s Delight (a 2 year old). I wanted Daisy in foal before coming overseas ofcourse so had to breed her in December (we bought them late in that year).

A dream foal, a beautiful chocolate fillie, came in November when it was already real cold. I bought a babyblancket to be sure. I never needed it, since the foal was completely suited to the cold weather. So maybe Sue’s foal is first making more coat??

Me and Silver Sam Mountain Trooper with her super wintercoat!

Hanging (75)