She was a present for my mothers retirement and was always my mom’s special dog. Benthe had an accident when she was 8 months old, she crushed her left elbow, what always bothered her. But she was kind, sweet and a specially friendly dog to all. However she did not care for strange dogs in the end. But her own family was loved, espacially the cats (-; She had a first litter with Luke and delivered 13 Thüringia Shepherds. She was the best mother, fed them in groups of 7 and 6 and all they ALL gained weight the first day. She ate about 6 kilo’s puppie milk and super food a day, got used to this and was always hungry after this litter… She started to steal and learn to open doors. But be course of her elbow we had to keep her skinny… what did not work, she only got more hungry, starting to steal more… She had an accidently second litter, being Houdini… Luke and Benthe both opened many doors and when I was busy with some horses and could not let go… I saw them doing IT.,.,,and after 9 weeks… 11 puppies came. Benthe being the best mom again! This dog was very much loved, such a sweet temperament you see rarely. I hope these genes will spread through her pups and her grandpups… Bye Beautiful Benthe!