I bought Yo when she was just a baby. Flying with April and Kat to Europe. After these girls I descided never to transport youngsters from Amerika again. What a stress, what tired they were. But Yo and her two sisters developed well.. Yo became my baby, I truelly love her. She is not the most smart horse, but so intensly good natured… so sweet, so friendly, so soft… and so big! She is no pony Rocky, but big and long. But has a wonderfull gait. Brought me two nice foals already! Both from stallions not chosen by me, so the Secret foals. She is a mother to all… and have to wean her now, be course she lets all the foals drink and gets to thin. It is just not in her nature to be agressive… Except for one little incident… hehe Micheal…Yo turned 7 years old today!