With half a meter snow you can only walk on the cleaned road and luckely a tractor track behind the property. It is very exciting to walk somewhere where there also coyotes, bears, wolves and lots of other wildlife living! I only saw squirells and several birds…but knowing what is all outthere is exciting enough! To spot wildlife I probably should not bring a pack of crazy Border Collies on my walk, haha!
We visited the village 20 minutes from home, some shops there and a school for the kids. All very different than in Europe, so lots to look at. When I go to Amerika I always do lots of shopping, but here it is all very expensive, so I could control myself quit well! Bought two super soft blankets for the kids, one with a bold eagle and the other with wolves. A survival knife for Tomas… (-; And a very warm jacket with wolves on it for myself. And a lot of little sacks, when you rub it, it heats up… for frozen feet and hands… If you want to learn about controlling the cold, come to Canada. Luckely I had a week of 0 till -10 sunny days. After weeks of -40 and more and storm!!! Always good to have a wheather god in your name.