When reading this I am probably on my way bringing Charm to her new owners. My weekend will start after this and it will be an interesting one!

But first I want to tell you about next weekend: another Pferd & Jagd in Hannover. The Jagd (hunt) part is not my thing, but they have pretty good outdoor stuf… The Pferd (Horses) is great! Many many many stands, shows, horsestuf…….for 80.000 visiters!!!

We will have a stand with the Rocky Mountain Horses! Through the RMHA (Rocky Mountain Horse Association USA) and the ERMHC (European RMH club) again arranged by the IGV (International Gaited Club Europe). We will come with several Rockies! Do the shows and lots of information about the breed on the stand. Hope to see a lot of you there! I will put more information about this major show on my Blog next week.
Pferdund jagd (184)