3 Years ago I started to work with Help-X while I was getting BIG being pregnant of Kim. Sigi and Juliette were excually the second helpers I had. They were quite interesting! Me being tired a lot and they did some great work, fencing, cleaning the horses…. And cooking… the kitchen was theirs! Kimmie was made on vegan food (after that I started eat meat again after 20 year being vegetarian… interesting ha!). But anyway, Sigi came with his Vespa and wanted to go back on it to the south of France. He was terrible snowed in with the early winter we had in 2010. He stayed for a while longer, made himself a huge polar bear jacket and went away… never heard of him again. Till a few weeks back!

2010:first time on a Rocky, on a horse excually? Cool to have a stallion to be your first ride!



And here he went, Polar bear Sigi…. byebye my friend! ¬†