A short view on the last weeks of this very interesting Oktober. I let the bumping into another car out (-; … It has been great weather, but we are having a cold, so regretfully not spending much time outside. Luckely nothing what some extra sleep, vitamines and fresh air can´t handle. It was a full month with lots of ups and downs. I made some new friends and am happy for that. I learned how to make pumkin soup and video´s. I learned that Kimmie is in her dangerous 2 year old fase the hard way and found my daughter to be a `Dora the explorer` addict. My big son going on his first vacation… visiting opa and oma in Holland with the train. After a quiet summer, sold some more horses after all. I think to wonderfull people, so that feels good! Megan not pregnant of Luke after his brake-out…We will enter November with a feeling of happiness.