I have some fine horses, of the best quality. But my absolute favorits are Friendly and Mocha. Friendly was one of my first Rockies. Most American horses are trained to early with harsh bits etc…. Friendly started when she was 5 years old and trained by a US NH trainer. She was the first Rocky that was a dream to ride for me. So smooth, so sensitive, so brave… so everything you want in a good riding horse! NOW I knew what a real natural gaited horse was!

After years and years of breeding only colts, she gave me the first fillie… Mocha! With whom I fell in love with the moment I saw her. She was also very natrual gaited and we were able to certifie her in a few weeks of training. Saddle broke… speeding and gaiting! And smooth…! Her full sister, also Friendly x Risky, Sue, same! And now the third full sibling is almost two years old. He is as pretty as his father, mother and sisters. He will be taller, I think he will make 1.55 for sure, maybe 1.60 mtr. And his legs are built to… gait! He is among the sweetest horses ever. This wonderfull horse is for sale. If he were a fillie, I would keep him for breeding, because these are the best!

Shadow with his sister Mocha…