When these puppies are about 8 weeks old my parents can bring them to Holland. So if we sell one or two to dutch people, they can travel along than… After this, new dutch owners have to drive 600 k … So… let me know if you are interested. These little puppies are an absolute joy, playfull and funny. THey are suited for families with young children, can learn tricks, also good to take to handicapt, elderly people homes… cause they are very well socialised. They will stay very small, but know big dogs, cats, horses… grew up in an appartment so used to all noices of the house, noisy kids, vacuum cleaner. Went to the city, used to cars, etc……… If you are looking for a small friendly doggie… these are the best! Please call or mail me! toril@rockymountainhorses.nl 0049 36608 215475