A sad day

Friendly lost her foal yesterday! I feel so sad. She was in foal with Rick and already sooo heavy! The vet had to take it out, stuck in the belly, so I was lucky I saw it all in time and my dear mare is safe and sound. 

Megan and James

And here they are fully grown! Now check their hips, elbows etc… if we can breed with them. It will be hard not to keep all their pups. These two stole my heart! 

Megan & James 1 year old!

These two beauties turned one last week, when my internet was down. They were both born on januari 18th! And no littermates… so how nice is that! They have turned out to be wonderfull Aussies. Megan always energetic, smart, happy, bit crazy and very trustworthy...

Lin will have the first foal of 2013

This pretty mare Mc Guire’s Lindsey will have the first foal of this year, if all goes well ofcause. She is very big already but will not be due till mid march. It will be a full brother of Snow Doll Mountain Trooper who lives at Mireille van Meer. And a half...

Winter wonderland

We have snow and around -5 degrees since a few weeks. It is a nice winter except that the sun could be shining more. The kids go to daycare during the week. In the weekend they come along to check the horses. Ten minutes is the limute because of Kim’s hands....