Merry Christmas!

This one is espacially for the owners of Gesto and for Haily; Best friends Gesto and Joe in the snow. Thanks to Nienke!

Big black Bear

If only Luke was small… No way! I like my Luke big, strong and beary. But a Schipperke would suit Floortje, mini Luke. But to find one that will breed my not so pretty Malteser/Jack Russel cross??

Little white Floortje

Still looking for a partner for Floortje. It must be a small dog with a good coat. Floortje is almost perfect except for her hair. She is luckely running all the time but snow and cold is not for her. Her hair is too thin to keep warm. So if you know a healthy,...

Little black Beauties

Not so little but it makes it friendly… little, sweet, friendly. The chocolate colour is absolutely no indicater for the gentle character of the Rockies. I read it somewhere: nonsens! Rohan The most gentle black stallion Heart of Motion (aka Rohan) Pretty boy My...

Mail problems!

And I was thinking the world forgot about me… till somebody let me know my mail doesn’t work. I think it has been solved? Please send your mail again when you did not get an answer last weeks.I will defintly answer in a few days, if not try...