RVF’s Risky Business

My gorgious boy Rick still for sale, only for the best! He is the best and gives the best and healthiest foals. How I am sad to be stuck with him in my breeding programm. He is a keeper, but I just can not )-: Picture Petra-Ulrike Schulze.


Luckely other people have still lot’s of inspiration. These photo’s are made by Petra-Ulrike Schulze (www.puserni.de)


Waiting for Immy to come and help us. She was here last year with Lilian and had a good enough time to come again. We just said goodbye to my niece Karin that gave my house a yearly thorow clean up. THANKS Karin! Love ya!!! We had some good times too. Heading to the...


I don’t have new photo’s anymore. My inspiration to click is gone?? Don’t know why… Lot on my mind lately. I hope it comes back.


I think these are the last once of Haily and Jochem, so this is true goodbye (-; Haily and Joe Last ride Nice! Passing Rick looking good enjoying almost back BYE Haily! Running...