Love at first sight!

I went to Mireille to see her first new Rockies after they arrived from the US (@ and felt a jealous pinch when I saw this gorgious stallion for the first time. I made a lot of efforts to let two of my mares breed with him. And now I am his...

“VBF’s Heart of Motion”

The few love at first sights in my life definitly included this one! Totally my kind of horse. We now have to get to know each other and hopefully the love stays (-: I truelly thank Mireille for this oppurtunity!

RVF’s Risky Business has a new owner!

Me dear friend Rick is going to Mireille van Meer ( for breeding and promotion. At this time I feel ambivalent, I will miss this terrific stallion so much… But he will not be far away AND I will be getting an absolute great stallion back!...

The friendly group

This is the friendly group. Friendly and her daughter Mocha (in foal for the first time) her son Shadow and adoptian daughter Sunshine (of Raven that left to Austria). A very good looking little family! Photo: Petra-Ulrike Schulze.

Rick again!

Pretty man, I will make pictures of his son Shadow. This black colt will be just as big and beautiful. It will brake my heart to let these guys go, but if anyone wants a truely great black or chocolate breeding stallion with the most gentle character. Shadow and Rick...