I was a teacher for ten years. Young adults learned about animal behaviour from me. I learned a lot during that time and met some great people. But I also became very tired of some stuf. Young adults are not always the most fun people. The last week I had a flash back, having some helpers that were … I don’t know… not used to working? They forgot to turn of the lights, clean up after themselves, to water the horses, overslept every time etc… I hope they will get some feeling of responsibility someday, else what will life give such people? I asked them to leave because I was not having the energy to give them some lifelessons or what ever.

I miss teaching, but not to young adults anymore. I did my ten years (-; The class holding the puppies were a joy, by the way. Always the same, ha… lots of good once and the few rottens apples you remember the most. Why is that?