… with bad luck )-: The working is going good except for more than enough building (painting, wall work) and moving stress. We never had more than 2 a 3 days of rain here and now, the days that we move all our stuf… it is raining for 3 weeks in a row!!! Why is that??? The days are filled with mud, mud and more mud… The horses look like they were created by a mud artist. The dogs are not allowed in the house anymore… when they shake the walls will be brown. It is truelly awfull!!! 

My Italian angel Mattia left us )-: And after a few nights with a sick Kimmie… it (the virusses) caught me too and I feel so bad. Head and neck pain and a terrible cold and .. and… and… But we just keep on working heeh! Ugh……..

My lap top fell and fell into 6 pieces so lots of photo’s are gone… )-: so no new photo’s on my blogs the coming time (I dont know how to fix them on my new laptop). And some sick horses that worry me a lot… Tomorrow dentist, other stress I wont bother you with……………… I am not having any fun!!!

Wish me luck!

My home town Friedmannsdorf (-: